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Mason's Bag

AU$179.99 Regular Price
AU$50.00Sale Price
  • It's as if they forgot fitness enthusiasts are parents too, right?! Well, this might be the greatest baby bag of all time (for you, the fitness enthusiast). All the bells and whistles of an awesome baby bag, with a removable BOX SM™ included. Yep, 2 meal containers, ice packs and the works, all fit inside its custom pocket. A fit all main compartment with plenty of room for all your baby gear (diapers, change of clothes, bib, formula, and the 20 other things us parents end up throwin' in there). We've also included a padded, removable folding mat, lined with anti-microbial protection. A couple exterior pockets for your sports bottle or baby bottle and you're ready roll. Fit parents with a cute baby, and pretty cool baby bag. What more can you ask for?