250ml Cans

Remedy Kombucha is 100% certified organic and made using only real, whole, natural ingredients. You won’t find any nasties or numbers in the names of our ingredients!

The key ingredients that go into our kombucha are:

  • Tea: we source single origin, organic tea leaves.
  • Sugar: we use organic, raw sugar, which is essential food for the live culture in kombucha, however nearly all of it is consumed during fermentation process, leaving only 0.1 gram per 100ml. Find out more
  • SCOBY: The symbiotic community of bacteria and yeast, aka the ‘mother culture’. We are still using the very same mother we started with and has been brewing kombucha in Australian homes for the past 40 years.  That is a sign of a very healthy culture indeed!
  • Natural flavours: We carefully select and add seasonal organic fruits, roots and spices to make our flavoured varieties, taking care to source whole food products with minimal processing.


*Please note this product requires signiture on delivery so you wil need to be around when it arrives!

Remedy Kombucha Can